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1997 w/4.0

Lynn Canez

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July 4, 2009
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Lake Havasu City,Az
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1991 Explorer
I'm having problems with #1 & #5 cylinders not firing. I have checked the coil pack,tested the wires going to the coil. Pretty much tested everything that I got off another site. Everything is good, but still can't get the cylinders to fire.

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Is the compression good?

1997 W/4.0L (Explorer)

Yes there is compression. The #1 & #5 have a real faintspark but not enough to send a spark to the plugs. I've done all the test that I could find to troubleshoot the problem. I have singled out the coil, the plug and the pcm. So now I'm at a lost on what to check for next.

The plug wires...