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1997 XLT, All kinds of mods!

Hi im 16, this is my first car. I decided to work on it a little.

1997 XLT
4 Door - 2WD


Popped off running boards
Torsion Twist / Warrior Shackles
Flowmaster 40 Muffler (stock pipe, cut off behind bumper)
Painted all gray trim, flat black (bumpers, trim, etc)
Removed Lower Valence and fog lights
Painted chrome bumper black
Painted chrome trim around grille/headlights black
Billet Grille
Painted stock rims, black.
30" Dunlop Mud Rovers
4' CB antenna mounted to bumper
Smoked tail lights
Roof Rack
2 55watt BAJA offraod lights
JVC Headunit
12" Kicker in custom built re-enforced box
1100 Watt BOSS amp

I think thats it, but im probably forgetting something..
What do you guys think? Feedback please! :)



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nice x u got there


I have my stockers painted black, too.

But I'm curious, what did you do to paint the chrome bumpers? I think mine would look good with the chrome black.


Flat Black Protective Enamel Spray Paint from Home Depot

Would you mind taking pics of how your rack is mounted?

I'm very impressed. Keep on working on that thing-develop your skills.

It's good to see a youngun take interest in a vehicle. You have been using the search feature also-

Good job on several levels. :thumbsup:

Yeah, same comment here as Turdle. I am 16 also, and therefore I am a bit jealous because you have more done than me and I probably have more resources than most people. I guess part of my problem is I refuse to buy anything if it looks like I can build it myself...

it looks good. my rims are also black. i painted the hub cap black on mine too. but every few months i have to recoat the rims.

Flat Black Protective Enamel Spray Paint from Home Depot

What did you do for prep-work? Did you sand at all, or just clean it up?
I've been hesitant to paint the chrome because I can't even get the paint to stick to the bumpers. It keeps peeling. :thumbdwn: