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1998 4 door Explorer


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April 3, 2008
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Gloucester City, NJ
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98 2Dr,2,000 & 04 4dr xlt
I started this thread to organize things done to my 1998 4 door Explorer.
It has 248,170 miles and still runs strong. I have had it for about 7 years and bought it with about 132,000.
My other rides are a 2004 Explorer and a 1998 supercharged Explorer Sport, and a 2001 Ranger Edge.

My supercharged Explorer thread is here



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Just did the Brakes on all 4 at 248,170 miles.
Pads had FE on them. (brake friction rating) I was surprised because this truck has always stopped real well and I always use the same brake pads.
I was expecting to see FF or GG on the pads.
Front PGD652M
Rear PGD667M
I use the High carbon Rotors as well.




The wet spot

I replaced the air filter and spark plugs also at 248,170.
When I was doing the hard side, I saw a wet spot under the radiator.

It had to be anti freeze or trans fluid. Turned out to be trans fluid.
The hose clamps were a little loose on the trans cooler lines, I could move the lines around until I tightened them up. I will order some new rubber hoses and clamps to replace them at a latter date.

I cleaned up the plastic so if it gets wet again I will know to service it sooner than later.


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Sub and amp

Years ago (2012) I put an amp and a MTX Thunderform sub enclosure in my 4 door Ex. Was fun trying to get that rear panel off.
I have a Sony double din head unit that has a Rear Back up camera, Ipod interface, DVD, and TomTom Navigation. I am not impressed with the Navigation. I have Kenwoods in my other two trucks, they use Garmin which I like better.

Edit: I replaced the Sony head unit with a Kenwood.

4 door sub and amp.JPG

Evaporator/Blend door

Also back in the past, I had a blend door break. They are plastic and break leaving the door in what ever position it was in. With the help of Explorerforum I found it was easier to remove the whole evaporator box than it was to remove the dash.

Open the glove box to remove the blend door actuator, then remove the evaporator box and rip that broken door out through the hole in the firewall (bulkhead). Of course recovering the refrigerant is necessary, and a recharge.
I beat the new door (made by Doorman) in with the handle of a huge prybar.

With the evaporator box out you can see the inertia switch real good, of course it accessible from the inside if you ever need to reset it.


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Later in 2012 the truck developed a refrigerant leak. It took me a while to find the AC dye (Installed from factory since 1995). Finally I found it at the back of the plastic wheel well. The evaporator box had to be removed again.

I took the last picture through the yellow glasses used in leak detection, so you could see the AC dye/leak.


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4 Door Explorer

Today I changed my head unit.
I got tired of the Tom Tom navigation. I liked the Garmin that comes with Kenwood head units so I got another DNX6180, I have one of those in my ranger and a similar model in my supercharged explorer.
The thing I like best besides good navigation is the traffic feature. It tells me if there is slow traffic and how to avoid it. I encounter slow traffic all week long and avoiding it makes my day.
I got the head unit used off eBay. Seems to work perfectly.

Upper control arm bushing

Tonight I also installed one upper control arm bushing.
I wanted to see if it would work, and if it was easy or not to install.
It went pretty well. I have to get another one, yea I know should have got 2 in the first place. Just wanted to see if it was worth doing or not.
This explorer has the two piece upper control arm so it was easier.
Edit: I replaced the other upper control arm bushing this weekend.


clunk WT*?

So I made it almost all the way home today before "clunk"
I work 42 miles away and was on my way home. Just got over the Ben franklin bridge coming into NJ, about 4.8 miles from my house. The traffic was horrendous. The clunk noise was my water pump shaft breaking in half. The fan hit the radiator and made a tiny leak(small trickle under pressure, almost seepage). The belt popped off. I was able to drive home and get it into the driveway. It was overheating on the gauge, but not blowing smoke under the hood. I had turned the heater on trying to remove some heat to make it home. The overflow bottle was filled to the top and there was a little antifreeze spilled.

I got a new water pump, some hoses, and a new radiator is coming in tomorrow(the leaking one was not that old). The old water pump is off and the gasket area cleaned up just waiting on the bypass hose before installation, then I will remove the trans lines from the radiator and replace it. There goes my tire money. lol.

That sucks , sorry to hear that but at least you made it home in one piece

ya need to sell it, and drive the ranger. then you will have tire money, and short/long block money :D


My 2000 Ranger has 178,120 miles on it.
Just put a serpentine belt on it last night in between working on the Explorer.
The belt was all dry cracked. I am sure it needs other work too. With me driving 42 miles to work and another 42 to get back home each day, I need two daily drivers.
Our last phone call cost me another 25.00. lol.

Water Pump Fail

Here is the carnage.
This water pump was an aftermarket pump. I think it was from PepBoys.
I replaced it when I did a timing chain cover gasket. I don't know what the mileage was but think it may have been around 170,000?
We will see how long this New PepBoys pump lasts.

I finished a little while ago, started last night and had the pump removed and the gasket surface cleaned up and ready for the new one. The radiator was leaking, I pressure tested the coolant system before disassembly and found the water pump was not leaking but the radiator was. I also changed the lower hose and bypass hose. PepBoys and Advance Auto did not have the upper radiator hose in stock so I did not do it this time.

Edit: mileage 253,849


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Coolant Fan Wrench

I have a coolant fan wrench set that is kind of thin but usually gets the job done.
With the pump shaft breaking I had a hard time getting the fan off. The old set was not good enough.

This new wrench worked great, it is thick enough to not bend or flex when breaking the fan loose. Sears had it in stock, it fit a camel hair loose but barley noticeable.
1 7/16 on one side and 1 3/8 on the other. I used the 1 7/16 side for the fan which is supposed to be 36mm.

I have a really nice new blood blister now also, it is on my sacrificial hand (the one that holds the punch the you are hammering). lol.


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Serpentine belt

I replaced the belt while I was doing the water pump.
I told the guy at PepBoys I wanted the better stuff.
When I got home I noticed that the belt for my explorer was the brand "Driverite" and not Dayco. Not happy with that but installed it anyway.
Dayco has 3 year warranty, "Driverite" has only 1 year. cheap ****!
We will see how long this crap last. I put the old Dayco belt in the back of the truck just in case.

Heater Hose Blow out

The heater hose going to the thermostat housing blew out just as I got to work yesterday. I was able to get the hose on and drive it home. It all seems ok now.
The old hose was a replacement hose that I put on a long time ago, it was rotted inside. I did not overheat so I think everything is ok again.
Here is a picture of the same hose on my supercharged explorer, I don't have a picture of it on my 4 door.

If you think it is lucky that the water pump broke 4-5 miles from my house, and this heater hose blew out just as I arrived at work..... I just found a heater hose about to pop off the coolant shut off valve on my supercharged truck while I was changing the spark plugs on it and I plan to be racing it next weekend at Maple Grove Raceway. I have to say, I believe in God and hope his angels keep watching over me.


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believe in God and hope his angels keep watching over me.

Remember, never drive faster then your guardian angels can fly :D

4pointslow, I just did upper & lower radiator hoses & the by pass hose, (what a pain) t-stat, serpentine belt, & belt tensioner on our 99 Sport 4.0 SOHC. That back bolt on the lower t-stat housing is fun to get off. I am trying to replace these things before my wife starts using ours as her DD. Some one is watching over you. Where did you get the supercharger from?

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Remember, never drive faster then your guardian angels can fly :D

My neighbor used to have a bumper sticker on her van that said that. It made me slow down some.