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1998 Explorer Transfer case


November 24, 2006
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Strasburg Il
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1998 XLT
Okay my 98 Explorer has lost its transfer case for the Second time.

This may sound stupid but imnot sure what I have. Sorry im a Mustang guy not really a 4 wheel drive guy

My Explorer has what im told is an auto sensing transfer case, my four wheel drive selector has AUTO, 4 HIGH and 4 LOW.

The only thing i can find used around here is out of explorers that actually have 2WD, 4 High and 4 LOW.

Are these transfer cases the same in the way they bolt up and function. What do i need to look for to replace my transfer case.


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They will bolt up but your GEM will have a problem with it.. What makes you say it failed? What are the symptoms?

That was a quick response.

Im getting gear grinding when I left off the gas, The tranny shop that had it said the gears are not meshing properly when they are not under a Load. Evidently thay have seen this before. IT also on occasion would seem like the transfer case had gone into a neutral position, The vehicle would roll even with the tranny in park.

im wanting to fix it to sell it, loved the vehicle but bought something bigger with less miles. I want to fix it correctly for the next owner though.

Ahh okay.. Another option is to find a BW4405 from a 95-96 and remove the shift motor electrical connection and manually shift it.

The best option would be to run a search in the transmissions and transfer cases forum for grinding t-case. It's a problem with the shift rail bores getting worn out that causes it. Omega Machine sells remanufactured t-case housings with bushed shift bores (among other modifications) that will solve the problem.

To replace yours, you'll need one out of a 98-01. The 97 has a different front output shaft, and the 95-96 cases uses the speed sensors in the case itself, so there are some issues there too.

A 95-96 44-05 won't work as it can't be manually shifted. High/Low range can be manually shifted, but the case must still be locked electrically.