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1998 Explorer xlt

I have a 98 explorer xlt that I bought when I was 15. Shes still running but last year I decided to straight axle it on a budget. Had a dana 44 but couldn't find any parts for it in any local junkyards. So I scrapped it and picked up a dana 30 cheap that is holding up surprisingly well.

Front axle- High pinion Dana 30, 4.10 gears, xj shafts, lockright locker

Rear axle- 31 spline 8.8, 4.10 gears, welded

Suspension- Front is SOA with waggy springs, AAL, shackles, rear is SOA with AAL and shackles, skyjacker nitros all around

3 inch body lift

2 inch wheel spacers

4.0 OHV, automatic, bw1354 manual case

Extended brakelines

Steering- 94 explorer box, custom shaft, 1/4" steel plates on both sides of the frame, sleeved, grade 8 bolts, v8 grand cherokee steering, custom wj track bar, 3/16" box tube running from drivers side to passenger side frame for support.

f350 shock towers

38.5-11-16 boggers (got a steal on these)
crager soft 8s

v8 grand cherokee drive shaft
extended rear drive shaft






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Nice Rig man I dig It ! .

Nice job man. Would like to see more detailed pictures of the front suspension if you have them. Thanks.

ill take pics when I have time, heres one from 2011 on rattlers tail (black 2) at paragon with 32s



front crossmember and shackles


steering box, plates, shock tower, trackbar mount and frame support

nice setup , Would like more pics of the front brackets and steering when/if you can , if you don't mind , just getting an idea of how I want to setup my leaf sprung SAS on my 91 Navajo

Bruce, why don't you use the factory setup and bolt a solid axle right in? Just curious why you're switching to leafs? You can answer this in your thread so we don't hijack this one.


Sploders got a winch and a bumper. Gunna need a tranny soon and I'm building a doubler. More pics to come.