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1998 Ford Explorer (Eddie Bauer) 4.0 V6 ( UK Batch RHD ) Paint Code Issue

Dale Seltzer

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September 7, 2020
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97 Explorer Eddie Bauer
I have owned my Explorer since 2005 and it is one of a batch sent to the UK market.
The main body colours are SH ( Medium Willow Metallic ) and TR ( Medium Graphite Metallic ).
However, I cannot find the Paint Code for the wheel arch and sill (rocker) plastic trim. It appears to be a lighter version of the lower body colour
which is TR Medium Graphite. I believe it to be Light Graphite Metallic which would match the interior colour of the leather. The main colours are
on the VIN plate but not the trim pieces. The Vin plate is different to the USA type. I would add that all colours are high gloss finish.
Can anyone help me with the colour code and where to get an aerosol in the UK?
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After doing some research the paint codes you mentioned are from 1997 Ford Explorer, not that it makes a big difference. I know on my '96 the paint code is listed on the side of the drivers door. It should list body color and trim color, both a two digit code. I think your trim color is the TR but the trim itself may have faded over time. You could just get a color that is close to what you want, doesn't have to be exact.