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1998 Ford Explorer XLT V8 AWD $2350 (Wilmington, NC)


December 6, 2010
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1997 XLT
I've been thinking about getting rid of my explorer as I don't really ever drive it and it just sits at my apartment. I bought the car in February with 141k miles, and went through and fixed just about everything I found wrong on it.
It now has a little over 147,000 miles on it. I have driven it 700 miles on a trip nonstop with no issues, and have daily drove it over 7k miles with ZERO problems. This car is in great shape, and has been family owned by the original owners before I got it...it even has both original keys and keyless entry fobs!

5.0 V8

It is also AWD, great for snow, beach, rain, just about ANYTHING!

Power windows, all roll down fast...great motors!
Power sunroof, NO LEAKS!
Power locks
Both ORIGINAL sets of keys and keyless entry remotes
Tilt Wheel
Rear Window Defrost
Rear Window Wiper
Digital Thermostat/Compass
Adjustable Night Vision Rear View Mirror
Automatic Headlights
Roof Racks
Eddie Bauer power leather seats in the front, and Eddie Bauer two way foldable seats in the rear. I'd say 7-8/10
All wheel disc brakes
Full size and matching spare tire/rim
Front and rear ac/heat
Cruise control (works!)
Clean title
Clean body, one small dent on the car.

Here's what has been done:
-New door latches, with new "Door Ajar" sensors in them
-All New dash lights
-All New JBL door speakers
-New Radiator (as well as new coolant)
-New inner door handles
-New outer door handles, painted factory body color and clear coated.
-New Alternator
-Sway Bar Links
-New O2 Sensors (both replaced)
-New rear rotors with ceramic brake pads and one new rear caliper.
-New serpentine belt

I have EVERYTHING for a whole front end rebuild (cost $150): inner tie rods & outter tie rods, upper ball joints and control arms, lower ball joints. I just haven't installed them because I haven't had time to get an alignment done after. I can do this for you and possibly get it aligned depending on what we work out.

There are some dealership records I but I never got ahold of those.

I also have some spare parts as well.

The only "Bad":

-The car could use some rear shocks

-The car needs a gasket where the catback bolts up, it leaks a bit.

-The car has a small crack in the windshield on the passenger side, again will not affect inspection.





I'm asking $2350 OBO....but I am a motivated seller. If you are interested you can pm or email me at dklimek86@yahoo.com and I will get right back to you! Emails will probably be a little faster.