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1998 Radio Power/Speaker Wiring Coding


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July 18, 2002
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1998 Explorer Sport
This is for anyone looking to replace the Ford stock radio/cd with an aftermarket radio that wants to know what wires to use. This may save someone else the trouble I went through tearing the doors apart to figure it out. I had a F87F-18C868-CD premium CD/radio in my 1998 Ford Explorer Sport . (After having the display go out, the CD player malfunction and some of the switches quit working, I had enough with the crappy piece of junk stock radio). The speakers were not marked with polarity, so I had to make an educated guess on that, but at the very least, it is phase consistent. All necessary wires were on the rectangular connector on the back of the stock radio. No wires on the square connector were used.

Left Front: Orange w/ green stripe = positive, Blue w/ white stripe = negative

Right Front: white w/ green stripe = positive, green w/ orange stripe = negative

Left Rear: grey w/ blue stripe = positive, brown w/ yellow stripe = negative

Right Rear: orange w/ red stripe = positive, grey w/ purple stripe = negative

+12 volt unswitched: Green w/ purple stripe
+12 volt switched: yellow /w black stripe
Ground: black w/ green stripe

Hey guys I have my dash apart and I need some help

1) The ground is black with green stripe. There are 2 of those is the ground the heavier gauge right? what is the other for?

2) I have 3 other wires. an all black, and 2 pink with black stripes. What are these for? I know one has to be the illumination, one has to be the mute, dont know what the other is for.

any and all help is greatly appreciated and yes I searched