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1998 Sport Interior Roll Cage build


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March 4, 2011
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Hemet, Ca
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1998 Saleen xp8 #27
Beginning the process of my “prerunner” build on my 1998 sport ohv with the m5od and figured why not start with the cage. For now, it’s a 6 point mount. Mounts to the the floor with 3.5”x5”x1/2” plates that “sandwhich” the body, the bottom/ exterior plates will then be trussed to the frame. Cage is 1.5” diameter 4130 chromoly .188 wall




















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There will also be an additional “X” above the driver and passenger heads, an additional “V” from the cross bar just behind the driver/passengers head down to the floor crossbar, near the back passengers feet. And another additional “V” from the crossbar just behind the back passengers heads down to a floor crossbar. Will also be putting a horizontal bar 20” or so above the floor right behind the back passenger bench seat for future long travel rear suspension plans. Will upload more pics after those reinforcements are made. Let me know what ya guys think

Looks great so far! Obviously not your first cage!

Thanks. And to be honest, it is. At least in a truck anyways. I’ve built a couple mini sand rail buggy’s and a lot of other things but never a cage in an actual vehicle. I gotta say tho, it was easier and quicker than expected. Took about 3 weeks from start to finish. Really on the fence right now about fabricating my front suspension myself or not. So much engineering there that I really don’t feel like dealing with

i only recognized this because of where you live, then i saw the xp8 in the background. doing a sport now, nice. v8 swaps are pretty simple to do in them as well. just say'n.
who did the welding? looks like bublegum! :laugh::D

Yah, between the work truck and the Saleen, its pretty easy to spot my place. The sport was actually my first vehicle, decided it needed some attention. Haven’t decided wether to build the long travel myself or go with btf to save myself the headache lol. And idk bout bubblegum, I think it’s time for your eye exam :D Jk man. But if you fail an exam your welcome to donate evil to a fine home here at my place, where it doesn’t snow :laugh:

You built that with a harbor freight pipe kinker? I am impressed. It looks great especially having my own experience with one of those benders and knowing how hard they are to work with. Great job.

Yah there a pita for sure. Heat definitely helps! And I use one size smaller die then they have marked. All of there dies seem one size off.

I thought it looked like you heated it. Does that effect the strength at all?

The dies are 1 size too small because it is a pipe bender. Made for pipe which is measure ID-inside diameter. Tube is measured OD- outside diameter. So 1.75" pipe is larger than 1.75" tube depending on wall thickness of pipe. Perhaps the pipe bender is for built for schedule 40? I also saw a youtube video where a guy bent little by little 1" at a time and moved down the pipe with each bend to prevent kinking. I used one for years, but my buddy got a jd2 so I use that now. doesn't kink and bends faster- but it is a manual one so it does cause some sweating.

The heat lets the steel “stretch” but I went with a heavy wall, anticipating the bends etc.. and yes I believe you are correct as far as the dies go. A hydraulic bender would be nice but I don’t do much tube work, maybe down the road if I can ever get out of the tower industry and get something of my own going lol