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1998 xlt power steering rack


June 27, 2013
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1998 Explorer XLT
Randomly I lost power steering the other day. I found the leak in the rack ( its a used unit installed a few months ago) I start the r&r and notice the pass side tie rod (not the end) had a major bend and the ball joints are beyond shot. I'm about to start the install of the new used rack. Any tips?

I did this job a couple of years ago...the original rack was spraying out fluid.

It was a mother getting the rack out, as you have to really angle and fight it out...especially if the truck isn't on a lift and you're on your back like I was.

Getting the new rack in was also a battle, but eventually I got it in. I got a new rack from autozone for like $130, why would you want a used one?

The reason for the struggle is you have to maneuver the rack out of the small opening on one side then bring it back out on an angle. Very tight squeeze. Same with getting the new one in, except in reverse.

These 2 videos helped me out immensely:


Good luck.

Its a very limited budget that I am working with. So a used rack afforded me the extra money for new ball joints. The way I got it out was I jacked up the front end removed the tie rod ends from the rack. Pulled the drivers side front tire and the bump stop. Slide the rack to the pass side push the drivers side back work it out between the control arms where the bump stop was free the pass side and it comes right out. A lot easier than some I have done in the past.