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1998 XLT Radio Problems


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January 14, 2008
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1998 Explorer XLT
I just installed an aftermarket radio, and it works good but when i turn off the car all the presets/settings reset. the radio works on accessory and when started, so i think its hooked up right....

i used this ti wire to

Wiring Harness Information
Constant 12V+ Green/Purple

Switched 12V+ Yellow/Black

Ground Black/Light Green

Illumination Light Blue/Red

Dimmer n/a

Amplifier Remote Blue

Antenna Right Front

Front Speakers 5" x 7" Doors

Left Front (+) Orange/Light Green

Left Front (-) Light Blue/White

Right Front (+) White/Light Green

Right Front (-) Dark Green/Orange

Rear Speakers 5" x 7" Rear Doors

Left Rear (+) Gray/Light Blue

Left Rear (-) Tan/Yellow

Right Rear (+) Orange/Red

Right Rear (-) Brown/Pink

any ideas? btw its a kvt-719

Sounds like your power is hooked up to a switched source, and the constant power source you're using isn't constant power. Are you plugging an aftermarket adapter harness into the factory Ford harness?