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1998 xlt

Been a member of the site for a couple of months now and am on here almost every day learning something new. Thought I should finally register.

Langley, BC Canada
1998 XLT
Black Ext/Tan Leather Int
194,000 kms

Mods/Accessories - Currently Installed

JET (15003) Performance Programmer - Running Mid Grade Tune
Magnaflow Muffler w/dual SS tips
K&N Air Filter in Swissed Air Box
Throttle Cable Fix/Mod
GTS Bug Deflector
Sirius Radio
Royal Purple 5w30 w/ K&N Oil Filter
Pro Comp AAL

Mods/Accessories - In The Future

Coleman 400W Inverter - Just need to install
Flex-a-Lite Black Magic 180 Electric Fan - Just need to install
Warrior Shackles - Only if the AAL doesn't lift the back enough
Ford Racing 4.6L 70mm Throttle Body - On order
B&M Tranny Temp Gauge
Black Westin Safari Bar w/ PIAA Lights
Auto Ventshade In Channel Vent Visors

Here are some pics from a couple of months ago, right after I bought it.





Let me know what you think and I'm always open to suggestions. :D


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Nice Ex Grant! I liked my Dueler A/T's that I had on my 2001 Sport...

nice x u got there

Thanks everyone, I am pretty happy with the truck. The only thing that bugs me is the reverse rake:thumbdwn:, just waiting on the AAL to show up and hopefully that will be fixed. Right now it sits at (R)34"/(L)34" on the front and (R)32"/(L)33" on the rear, measurements are to the center of the wheel arch.

Thats a good lookin ex. nice buy

I bought some SensorKleen yesterday and last night I cleaned the MAF and IAC. I also disconnected the battery for 10-15 minutes, guess I'll find out today whether or not my idle is any better.

I also ordered the Felpro MS90890 upper intake gasket kit and Ford Racing 4.6L 70mm throttle body. Can't wait until they come in so I can get them installed, I may do the plugs and wires at the same time.

Today I am going to a buddies place and we are going to install the Procomp Add a Leafs, hopefully it gets rid of the reverse rake. I'll post results of the install tonight.

Got the Add a Leafs installed today, wasn't too bad it only took a couple of hours with basic hand tools.

It looks like I gained 1 to 1.25" on the passenger side and the drivers side I can't really tell. When I measured it before it was 33" and today when I measured it was also 33". I have a full tank of gas right now and I can't remember if the tank was full or empty when I measured before:p:.

It looks like I am still going to have to do the shackles.

This weekend I am going to try to install my Flex-a-Lite Black Magic Electric Fan (# 180). I will try to remember to take some pictures during the install.:)