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1999 4.0 OHV Ford Explorer PCV Valve Location??


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June 6, 2024
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1999 Explorer 4.0 OHV
Hey y'all! I've seen that there are some threads that have addressed this problem, but I noticed none of them have pictures attached. If possible, could someone post a picture of the location of the PCV valve in the OHV models? I'm struggling to find it and all the video tutorials available seem to be on SOHC models only. Thank you!

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Took this photo of my Haynes manual that goes up to 97, but it’s probably the same for your 99.

Just like the picture
Back if drivers side valve cover there is a grommet with a small pcv valve in it and a a shaped hose

Pcv is press fit

The little hose that connects to it tends to be very rigid and brittle due to age and heat exposure, love to crack upon removing/installing....if you have some silicone lubricant I'd spray around ends and let sit a few minutes before removal....then maybe work a little vaseline along inside ridges before re-installing.

Found it! It was hard to find at first mainly out of nervousness to just pull it from the grommet, but I found it and took some pictures too. Thanks y'all for the help!