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1999 4.0 SOHC vs. 1997 4.0 SOHC


Name is Ray
January 4, 2003
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Valley Stream, Long Island
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'97 XLT 4-dr SOHC
What is the difference between 1999 4.0 SOHC and 1997 4.0 SOHC engine?

Reason I am asking is because I found aftermarket headers for a '99-'01 4.0 SOHC but not for '95-'97. I was wondering if it will technically bolt up to the engine and fit in the engine bay.

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Just as long as your egr tube is on the drivers side then they should work no problem.

Thanks for the reply man. And I believe '99 is on the driverside. So I don't get why they would list it for '99 and not for '95-'97.

1997 earliest SOHC V6

The SOHC V6 was not available until 1997. The headers listed for 1995 to 1997 may be for the OHV V6. The stock headers for the SOHC V6 flow pretty well. Your money might be better spent on replacing the downpipes with restrictive bends.

My plan was to get a set of headers with built in downpipes. I know JBA makes one for OHV not sure if they do with SOHC. I would just then insert a HFC after the downpipe.

stock headers adequate

I doubt that you'll find any commercial downpipes for your Sport. As I said the stock headers flow well. They should be good enough for stock engine internals. Most aftermarket headers ping and don't last as long as stock headers because of the thin metal used. I decided to retain mine even though I'm adding an M90 supercharger. However, I installed a high flow exhaust from the header outlets to the tailpipe tip: Wastegate Exhaust System?

Downpipe & Cat before:

Downpipe after:

Cat after:

Yeap. I saw your thread. Pretty impressive. Since my '97 is nearly 17 years old since I bought it, everything needs to be replaced either now or in the very near future. I just don't want to put a fresh new exhaust system on a 17 year old headers. I figured if there was ever a time to change them, it would be now.

Thanks for the reply man. And I believe '99 is on the driverside. So I don't get why they would list it for '99 and not for '95-'97.
Seems like an error in the listing. The change in the headers occurred in mid 2000. The headers for engines after July 2000 use studs instead of exhaust bolts with slighty different hole spacing,from what I have seen. If you can get a pic of the actual headers that would be your best bet.