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1999 EB Explorer add a leaf


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June 2, 2013
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1999 explorer
I've got the infamous rear sag. After mucho research I've decided to go with the add a leaf solution. Does anyone know where I can buy them? I called summit and Procomp today and they tell me they only sell them for Explorer up until 1997. Doesn't make much sense.

I've seen a couple posts stating they should be the same but I don't want to take chances.

On another note, what has everyone's experience been with the load leveling shocks? I've pretty well got my mind made up on the add a leafs, but was wondering. I do a fair amount of towing.

You can get procomp ones from amazon for about $35 with shipping. Thats were I bought mine for my 03 sport a couple months back and they fit perfectly even though they were labeled for second gens. A lot of people suggest swapping the leafs from left to right when doing the aal to compensate for the lean since the drivers side wears faster.

As for the shocks I haven't done them myself but I have read nothing but good things on them. The only complaint for some is that it makes the ride a little stiffer, which will also get stiffer because of the aal. So I think it really just depends on your personal preference.

Just doing the Monroe coil overs raised the rear close to 1.5 inches on my 01 with 99k on the clock..I like it being a little stiffer..it is a truck..lol.
I almost went the aal but I needed shocks anyhow.

My 98 had the famous sag and I tried the coil over shocks first. It raised the rear to where it should be but I didn't like that the shock was supporting so much of the weight. Since I use then truck to tow a boat, I decided to do it right and change the leaf springs. I kept the coil over shocks on and the ride is great now. A little stiff but tows the boat well. If you change the springs, do yourself a favor and buy the whole kit with shackles and bolts. Well worth the money and effort to do it right. Keith