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1999 Elecrical door and radio problems


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May 24, 2008
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99 Eddie Bauer
I hope someone out there has some answers or ideas.

My door looks are acting up. First the remotes stopped locking the doors but they still work on unlock & if pushed twice the horn will honk. Then the door switches stopped locking the doors but they still unlock the doors. Switches test fine. The tail gate all lock still works on lock and unlock. Relay in relay box 2 for unlock and lock works fine. I replaced the all lock relay. On these vehicles tracing wires is not an option without a full schematic to follow.

The other problem is the radio display. It fades in ever once in a while but then disappears for a week or 2. I acts like a ground but G100, 102 , 202 are OK. Is there a ground under the dash?

2 days of frustration and still no solution.

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For your radio issue:

Schematic for the Door Lock Actuators:

Does the driver's side door also have the same problem?

Its not a relay problem as you have found out. In your case, its a broken wire / splice in the PK / Y? (or V? ... my diagram isn't easy to read)... check it at the input to your relays at the back. The other most likely place is near the left passenger door column.... but it could be anywhere along the "run" from there to the back relays. Another place people find the problem is under the back seat area as the run goes towards the relays. good luck

Thanks for help

I finally had a day free and used your directions for the door locks. It was a broken wire. For all 99 explorer owners there is a heat shrink splice (3 wires into 1) under the rear seat, left side just before the wires enter the run under the door kick plate. It is a perfect spot for corrosion to set in. A bit of solder, heat shrink and a few scraped knuckles and all the locks work.

Thanks again for your help

Now to tackle the radio

IF you have the exactly the same symptoms as the first poster, then you have the same problem... get a meter and check the areas that are suggested.

Yea I didn't think about metering it as walked out of work and checked it out right there (had my normal tool box) . The 3 wires all came together nicely with the single one and soldered. So will try that next Thanks for the tip.:exporange

Budwich and Kmbet Thank-you. I took pics but i guess I cannot post pics. Any how checked underneath the moulding at the rear left (driver's side) there were teo sets of shrink tubed 3 to 1 wires and they both looked good. Just for the heck of it cause I had already popped the trim off I tugged slightly on the wires and the first one of a set of three pulled straight out. I cut them back and twisted them together as a test and my locks are now functioning. Soldered the wires new tube looks better than original and the very first thing I checked fixed in a 1/2 hour. Remote works and everything. Never realized how much I would miss my auto lock. Thank-you, thank-you!!:):):):):)