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1999 Explorer Sport Overlander

May 17, 2020
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Bourbonnais, Illinois
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1999 Explorer Sport
Thought I’d share a few photos of my build. Pretty happy with the results and I’m not done yet. Front Runner Rack is on the way hopefully before my trip in July. It’s an Overland build and I don’t see many 2 doors here in the Midwest. Interior has a fridge slide out and a 12 panel in the back too. Started this build last year and took it to the Mountains and back from Illinois. It’s got 175k miles and runs great. The build was inspired by the Gambler 500 and just kind of kept going.


our 3k mike trio to the Rockies and back last August. This was in Ouray.

JK bumper grafted on and ready for the winch.

winch installed.

RLC rear bumper. I had some fitment issues but the owner is a great guy and made it right.

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I'd like to ask you about your build...{issues if any} in your AWESOME overland build.

Your build looks really good. I have the same tires on mine. I have a 97 Sport.
New 97 25.jpg

I have had no issues with them so far. VERY quiet on the street and very well on the trails when aired down. So far very happy and will probably buy again.
...aaand what tires are those. Asking for a friend ;)