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January 11, 2017
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1999 Ford Explorer xlt
I have a 99 Explorer with 160k on it. (V6, 4L)

About 8 months ago it started to rev hard starting up, jumping to about 3 to 4 RPM. Which was concerning, then slowly it started to rev up when I had my foot on the break at stop lights, fast food, traffic. That slowly turned into revving up and stalling out on me. It also would turn the over drive off by itself (the O/D light would pop on and start blinking) while I was driving on the highway,or in traffic. So about a month and a half ago I finally took it to the shop to get it looked at and fixed(dont judge, money doesnt grow on trees). The work I had done on it during this visit was new top head gaskets, and new bearings and rotors in the front. Which amounted to 1100 dollars worth of work. I thought I was in the clear, upon bringing it home and using my car, it was still stalling out, mainly in reverse. But also while I was stopped at lights,ect. So I took it back to the shop and they say I need a new intake manifold, outlet housing kit, new radiator cap, and a new coolant container since mine was cracked. Alright I replaced all of that for another 470 dollars.

So at this point ive spent almost 1600 dollars. The only things that seem to be fixed is the O/D is no longer turning itself off, and my car starts better.
What seems to be worse and more persistent is that my car completely dies on me in reverse. Im at a loss of what to do. I have half a mind to go demand that they fix my car on their dime, because Ive now brought it in twice for the SAME issue, and spent more than half what the car is worth and its still dying. Or just going to a different shop.

So I guess at the end of this rant, what I'm wanting to know, does anyone have any idea at all what could be making the car stall out in reverse?

Couple guesses. Could be an air/fuel issue associated with a vacuum leak or problem with the idle air control valve, throttle body position sensor, or mass air flow sensor. I've noticed that these sensors can give problems without throwing a check engine light for months. And their symptoms can feel like there is a transmission problem. I would probably clean all three of those sensors (one at a time) and see if you get any improvement. If so, then replace that sensor.

I was thinking the IAC valve too, but those are not cheap hopefully it can be cleaned.