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1999 Limited 5.0

So after my first week with this baby, I finally decided I should make a registry thread. Currently it has about 96,000 miles on it and is all stock (minus a nice new headunit). Future plans also include: MAC catback (which has already been ordered), MAC intake, new tires and looking into lifting it.

First photo I saw of my truck (taken from the ad online):

Me parked behind 00meangreenXLT..

A few pictures courtesy of a parking garage photo shoot by dreddog47:




happened to find a 2011 in the same parking garage..

One and only mod so far, Kenwood DDX418. I love this head unit even though I have had some minor problems with it, hopefully they will be fixed this coming week:

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Nice!!! :thumbsup:

X2, sweet rig!

nice x u got there cassie

I like that Audio Head Unit. Nice X too.

Thats a great looking Limited! The pics are great too, especially the one of the 1999 holding its own against the 2011 :):thumbsup: