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1999 mounty 5.0l - 200,000 mile tune-up


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April 11, 2009
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99 Mercury Mountaineer
I am getting ready to do a tune up on my 1999 Mercury Mountaineer 5.0L. I have 200,000 miles on it and figured it is about time.
I remember years back before electronic ignition when a tune up would consist of spark plugs, Points and condenser, rotor, distributor cap, sometimes wires and a coil.

Could you tell me what I need for a complete tune-up with electronic ignition?
My list consists of coil packs, spark plugs, possible spark plug wires.
Am I missing anything? (seems like it)
Any tips ? I have heard something about the drivers side and passengers side of the engine require something.
I have heard NGK Plugs are they way to fly, do you feel it is true?
Any information will be appreciated.
Thank you,


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January 29, 2005
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00 V8 Mountaineer
Plugs and wires should cover it, no need to replace the coil packs unless they're damaged. Motorcraft plugs are the way to go, or you could use autolite (they make the motorcraft plugs). Stick with the motorcraft wires as well, just don't get them from the dealer you can get them for about half the dealer price from oreilly's, rockauto.com, etc. About the only other good options for good wires is magnacore, or a couple of members have like auroa (sp) wires. Members have had trouble with the taylor wires, and I won't even mention the junk available at auto parts stores.

Other things that are probably due are changing fluids in the front and rear diff, transfer case, transmission. It's probably also a good time to replace your fuel filter.

my pos mounty

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September 15, 2009
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Well, that depends on your definition of tune-up.
At 200,000 I replaced:
Air filter
Fuel filter
PCV valve
Changed front/rear diff fluids
Transfercase fluid change
Radiator/anti-freeze flush and fill, including a thermostat
Checked hoses
Replaced serpentine belt