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1999 Mounty EATC "Code 25"


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April 11, 2009
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N. Andover Massachusetts
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99 Mercury Mountaineer
Thank you for taking the time to read this thread.
I have a 1999 Mercury Mountaineer with Electronic Automatic Temperature Control.
I completed the EATC self test Together<OFF/FLOOR> within 2 seconds Press<Automatic>
The unit displayed code 025
Code 25 >>Blend door actuator not responding properly<<.

I can change from A/C to heat and heat to A/C
I can change the temperature setting 60 - 90 degrees
I can select vent,floor,defrost,floor/panel etc.
The unit does everything it supposed to do.
I can not adjust the fan speed High/Low
I can not get the unit to shut off when I press the Off button
When I press the Off button the display goes out "black" but the fan continues to run at high speed.
All I get is blasting cold air <Max A/C> or blasting temperature selected air.
When the units display goes black I can hear the air being directed to somewhere unknown. :mad:

Could anyone tell me if I need to replace the blend door actuator?

I did some reading of other posts on just about the same subject.
I do not know if they had the same problem as I do ( Not being able to shut the unit off) I snooped around here to read it again but I can not locate it.
Any information will be very much appreciated,
Thank you.