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Solved 1999 Ranger 3.0 FF PCM pinout

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February 6, 2016
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1997 Blue Ex 4.0 SOHC
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I have given up looking for a complete wiring harness schematic for the Ranger however if I could find a pinout chart for the 3.0 in my 1999 I would be able to do what I need to do. I found them for the 2.5 and the 4.0 but nothing for the 3.0. Would this be available in an old service manual? (No I don't have one). I would think a member here might would have an old service manual. By the way mine is 3.0 FF but plain 3.0 would probably work for me. Thanks in advance!

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Did you ask over at the ranger forums ?

I found one for a 94

something like this?
Sorry I was away for bit :)

this is a 2000 3.0 with flex fuel (same as 99)
I have converted a few of these trucks to v8
I have the complete wiring books downstairs, these images I just snagged online a while back




Yes! @410Fortune That's ok on being away for a while. I'm aware about what is happening up and over your way. I've attempted to like different ones of your posts in your thread and I don't have a like button show up for me to do it.
Back to the PCM, I can now see the difference in the V-6 wiring and the 2500. I want to eventually separate the Engine management harness and the Body harness but last weekend after studying it good, I see that the V-6 engine is going to have to be removed first. It's a very good engine and transmission that could end up in a Pinto, Mustang II, 1984 Ranger, etc after it is no longer needed in the Ranger and removed to make room for the 5.0 GT engine. Thanks and thanks @donalds too.
Headed to work, Y'all have a good one.

the old 3.0 if running well the engine and trans are worth good $$$$
Lots of 3.0 ranger dudes out there in need of a good running used engine and trans, 3.0 always sell quickly and fetch good prices

Thanks Jamie. I saved all 3 images and print will go in my master notebook. I've seen that chart for other years and engines but I have never read them line for line, until this chart. If there was a sensor or part that I didn't now what it was or where it was located then I looked it up on rockauto or other info. A very OBD2 awakening for me. Only a little have I worked on the old OBD1 stuff. I see where all of this will be necessary to understand to install and use another type of powertrain management system. As you well know a rebuilt 5.0 and all of the electronics gets in to the thousands to do it up right. I think that I can drive the old Ranger with the 3.0 for a few 10 of thousands of miles while a save up for the conversion.

Yes yes it does
I try to keep costs down as much as possible by DIY, even building my own driveshafts and exhaust these days
I am also planning to finally setup my own gears and lockers.
I have a transmission builder, and I access to some machine shops nearby if needed, although we typically either re seal a low mile 5.0 or just buy a crate long block

I was looking at different long and short block prices. Machine shops around here have gotten so high that the 'ready' long blocks are really affordable.

I can say crate engines are fun

something like this?
Sorry I was away for bit :)

this is a 2000 3.0 with flex fuel (same as 99)
I have converted a few of these trucks to v8
I have the complete wiring books downstairs, these images I just snagged online a while back

View attachment 330388

View attachment 330389
View attachment 330390
I’m currently swapping a 1999 ranger, that had a 3.0 with a 5 speed and 4x4. I’m using a carb and dizzy 302 with a m05 trans. just wondering if you’d know what wires off the pcm I’d need just for interior things to work, like stereo and gauges as well as head/taillights. Tia

@Rangerrylan If you look at post #4 in this thread ang go line by line down the list, it tells you what each wire does from or to the PCM. There is also a box under the dash called the GEM module. It does several other things.

@Rangerrylan Here is a link to a page somewhere here on this forum for a '97 Explorer. It is real similar to '98 to '03 Ranger. You can read down the list of wires to see what each does.
Link to GEM wiring