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1999 Ranger 5R55E Automatic 5 speed Hard Shift Jerk


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April 17, 2016
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1999 Ford Ranger
This tranny is driving me crazy. Had it taken out, rebuilt, and it still has the same problem, a hard thump when changing gears, especially 1st to 2nd and sometimes 2nd to 3rd, not as often into 4th and overdrive. It also does it down shifting at times. These are very hard thumps and jerks. Wanting to know if the input speed sensor alone could cause this problem, which computer is coding on, or if there is something else internal that will cause this. Since I am no mechanic I did not do the rebuild and was not advised that this should be replaced. It is coding PO715, Input/Turbine speed sensor circuit malfunction. This problem had been going on for a couple months prior to rebuild and on the way to the garage it lost all forward gears. Upon inspection the clutches were fried. Could the speed sensor create all these issues. Thanks in advance for any input.