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1999 XLT 4X4 for the boy

Acquired a run down explorer for 900 dollars. Seemed like a good deal as I wanted to get a "project" car/truck to fix up with my eldest son. Black with grey leather interior. Stock on everything. A littany of small issues rather than a few big issues. Main issue was radiator leaked and mixed with trans fluid. So far:
1. New oe radiator.
2. tensioner arm and pulley.
3. idler pulley.
4. new high amp alternator.(stock largest)
5. 12 blade fan
6. fan clutch
7. rear diff cover. and fluid.
8. trans pan with drain plug.
9. cheap "jinbo" set of shocks all around... actually a Monroe clone out of China. quality seems good so far.
10. shackle lift rear.
11. torsion twist x3 front.
12. sway bar links front.
13. ceramic pads all around
14. brake fluid flush.
15. about half the coolant hoses.
16. filled front diff (not sure how fun that's going to be to remove cover off)
17. steering wheel side buttons.

AND that's what's been done so far. have yet to install a spin on transmission filter, got a derale base with a baldwin bt251. Also installed a new shifter on the column... that was fun.
Plan on getting a set of 31x10.5 e load tires as the reward for slaving away on all the boring stuff. Any suggestions so far?

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V-6 or V-8?

How many miles?

May as well add timing chains to the list unless you know they have been done.

Research 4.0 SOHC timing chain.

If it’s not rattling cold I’d let him beat on it until they did.

I have seen the horror stories about the timing chains on the 4.0sohc however, looking at what is required to change them seems way over my head, especially the rear one. I actually saw that I can buy a low mileage engine same model etc for about 500 bucks on a pallet. That seems like a better way to go for me since I would be shaving off 100k miles of wear from the engine if I did the swap. Am I misunderstanding the amount of work to get the timing chains done on this engine?

It's a tedious job to do it right.

Either way.

Engine swap of redo your chains the engine is coming out.

I did have one additional fabrication question. I removed the original factory air shocks and the compressor unit over the spare tire. this involved removing the carbon canisters which promptly began to dangle without support. anyone have any simple fixes for a new support bracket for the carbon boxes?

If it ant broke don't fix it
here is a shoc with 285000 miles on it timing parts were good except a little startup rattle




If it's got a limited slip in it teach him how it reacts I got mine because some young kid had it before me jumped on it in the rain and put it through a building because the limited slip throw him sideways