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1999 XLT transfer case question


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June 19, 2009
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Allentown, Pa
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99 XLT

New member here..... I have a 99 XLT that needs the transfer case replaced. I have done it before.... My question is this: The Borg Warner 4405 transfer case is equivilant to what Ford part no/model transfer case? The 99XLT is a 6 cylinder 4L with part time 4X4. I am trying to find the best deal to purchase a transfer case. Thanks for the help.

the borg warner is the factory install you need to get the numbers of the tag on transfer case an there you go you have all the info you need to get a new transfer case
i have the same problem i found that its cheaper to have rebuilt.
good luck

Pull one from one at a junk yard that is cheapest rout