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1st & 2nd gen parts

-1st gen steering column, with key/igntion switch, no steering wheel $50 + shipping

-Stock steering box and lower steering shaft $50 + shipping

-Brake light switch, BWD, new $9 shipped

-Brake light switch, Ford, used $7 shipped

-1st gen rear seat belt buckles for 2 door (female part only) $12 shipped

-1st gen 3rd brake light $12 shipped

-2nd gen, v8 rear anti wrap bars (OEM) $25 shipped

-Factory owners manual for 1996 $10 shipped

-1991-1994 Fuel Door, bracket, and filler hose mount bracket $20 shipped

-Factory 91-94 rear ABS sensor. Still works fine $10 shipped

Call or text 678 927 8616. Thanks, Bryan

Do you have any pictures of the Anti Wrap bars?

And do you (or anyone) happen to know if there are factory holes/location on the V6 frame to mount them?

I don't have any pics of those at the moment but I know that my v8 96 had brackets already on the axle for these traction/antiwrap bars already. If you don't have those it might be kind of difficult to add them if you can't weld them.

Still got this stuff if anyone is interested. Also added several things