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1st gen amp bypass pics


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May 7, 2002
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Explorer '93 xlt
Hope this helps anyone wanting to bypass the factory amp. Cructhfield snds their head units with the adapter harness but it should only be about 15-20$ by itself. Next project will be the Transfer case motor rebuild.


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i wish I woulda taken that off when i yanked my cubby hole out :( U can see all the clips like that i just yanked and snapped every clip that was on the trim piece

Do you know if this is the harness I need to bypass the amp in my 96?
Amp Bypass

Seems to be the same harness but you may want to call them to confirm because there are different factory systems for that year.
I actually got mine from Circuit City out here in Los Angeles.

sorry to bump up such an old thread...I was just wondering how do you get that panel off? I kno there are a bunch of fasterners but i pulled on them and they wouldn't budge, I'd rather not break one off either. Once again sorry for old bump

I can't say for sure on a 98' but for mine, a 93', you just have to pull on them and they are a PIA.

The trim push pins can be a PITA - unless you have the tool below: This is a $5 item at AutoZone and makes quick work of removing them without damage. I used it to remove all the pins in my XLT when I repaired my headliner (without damaging a single one). I wish I had this years ago...

Cool! I'll go check that out I think i've seen one laying around my grandpa's place i'll see.

I wish I would have known about that, Without thinking, me and my buddy thought that they would be labeled, or his ford book would have a scematic of which wire goes to which... Unfortuanatly we didnt,so we made it work for the time being, and i havn't got around to fixing it/finding a scematic.
So basically, it all works, but it don't work the way it should..