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1st Gen audiophile system: connector to by-pass main amp & keep sub-W amp?


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March 30, 2006
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'91 & '93 EB, 4WD, 4-door
I have a Kenwood KDC-X579 that has several subwoofer controls and I would like to use it in a 1991 EB with the 'Audiophile' sound system.

The Kenwood has an internal amp that will drive the door speakers but I would like to keep the 85 watt subwoofer amp to drive the little subwoofer in the back panel (and somehow go around the stock, primary amp).

I bought an installation package with two electrical connectors to hook up to the stock wire harness yesterday at CarToys (the Metra Amplifier Integration System part no. 70-5511 for Ford vehicles with the Premium Sound system). They did not list a kit for the Audiophile system Explorers.

The instructions for the Metra connectors are a bit vague at best. Further, the instructions assume that the buyer has only the 'Premium' sound system w/o the second external subwoofer amp as I do on the Audiophile system.

I assume that at the least I will need an amp-bypass connector to 'hop' over the primary amp. Anything else? Who sells a by-pass that skips the main amp but leaves the subwoofer amp in place? Any other suggestions for wiring things together w/ this system?

Seems like all the posts on this forum I've read don't address the audiophile 'second amp' situation. If there is a thread on this, please let me know.