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1st gen aviator reliablity?


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March 3, 2017
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2000 Explorer XLS
So I am in the market for an explorer platform vehicle and I haven't really given much thought into the Aviator, I know it has the 4v 4.6. Is it a reliable vehicle? most I am looking at are around the 170k mark. What are the common failures that owners have experienced? What is the price of parts in comparison to a base explorer? I used to own a 99 mounty and it was my favorite vehicle that I have owned, I love the idea of having that 302 hp engine under the hood but I worry about aftermarket and affordabilty as well as reliabilty. I'd love to hear from long time owners.

2003 to 2005.

The rear diff bearings suffer the same issues as the early Explorers and begin to whine after 50k-60k.

The coils are known to start failing around that same time.

But OH the handling! I miss my 2003 but I needed more towing capacity.

Yes, there is an Aviator thread on the forum