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1st Gen Belt Diagram without A/C


December 2, 2002
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Chandler, AZ
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'93 XLT
Hey guys I dont have my manual with me because it is at home. I was hoping that someone here can post the Serpentine Belt Diagram for hte first Gen WITHOUT A/C.

Thanks Guys! :thumbsup:

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This is the only one I know of online..


The picture on the right is misleading..

#8 is a idler.. not a tensioner (the picture makes it look like the tensioner)..
#3 is the tensioner (the picture makes it look like the idler)..

Btw.. the routing for with and without a/c is practically the same.. You just use a shorter belt and don't bring it over the a/c (if the compressor is installed)..


awesome thanks a lot! Thats exactly what i needed. My a/c went out and the compressor is making a horrible sound and I dont have the money to fix it so, I guess I would just take it out completely.

You don't have to take the compressor out, just buy the non-AC belt an put it on. The compresor can stay.

Thats what I did