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1st Gen OEM HELLA???

Does anyone know if HELLA Made a OEM foglight for the 1st Gen Explorer's (Limited)? Just pulled my foglights off the Limited and they are Hella lights. Wiring harness to the lights is factory oem. Plug on my hella foglights is factory oem. Did ford install Hella lights?? Or was there a " Specific " Hella made light that plugs diricty into the factory harness? Here i have included a picture of the factory picgtail on the foglight.
Light takes a H3 Blub

Yea hella makes foglights for alot of the manufactures just like sylvania.

Ok, thank you Thats what i was wondering. I didnt think Ford would have made a deal with Hella to mas produce these lights. Turns out i just need blubs. There both blown