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1st gen Upgrades?...


September 19, 2006
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New Baltimore, NY
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1993 Explorer XLT
Hi All,

I'm considering various upgrades to my X.

I have a '93 Explorer. She is my DD but I'd like to do something special for it. I don't have a lot of currency to throw at it. However she needs a suspension rebuild. I want to put a lift kit on her. I mean really, if I'm going to go through the work why not lift her. What is the max I can lift her without changing the diffs?

Thanks in Advance,


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You should post this in the Modified 1991 - 1994 Explorer forum.

Moved it for ya.

The lift doesn't affect your diff's, but bigger tires will change your final gear ratio. I've found in mine that came stock with 3.73's that 31" tires give a nice final drive ratio.

Off the top of my head (more research is required, but this may be a good rule of thumb) I believe after 3" of lift you probably want a drop pitman arm and oversized camber/caster bushings, 3-5" you need to worry about driveshaft angles, 6"+ nothing lines up and lots of headaches ensue. So for just a lift with no further modifications probably stick with 1-3" of lift. However, on mine which is lifted about 2" I still required the oversized camber/caster bushings which I got at the local carquest for around 14-20 dollars each side.

On mine I lifted it 2" using skyjacker lift coils in front, add a leaf in back, and then rancho shocks all the way around for a total between $400 and $500.

EDIT: be sure to factor in the cost of an alignment which is necessary for safety and so you dont destroy the tires you put on it, probably ~$80

Everything the poster above me says. I loved my 2 inch with skyjacker coils and add a leaf in the rear. Finished a new build needed to have my rear drive line extended and extended brake lines. i still need longer ones made. If i could go back i would go with the skyjacker again.

Mine is cut and turned beams extended radius arms 4 inch coils and spring over axle. Rides like a marshmallow. Take it where they know how to do a TTB alignment 2 shops in my area would not touch it.