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1st SAS Explorer Project

Thanks, what box is that?

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Thanks, How about redrilling the lower coil base and moving them in. It might worth about 1.5''s.

very possible, stic-o did that i believe. i asked for details in my thread and it went unanswered, so hopefully someone chimes in here.

Gen 1 Explorer Steering box.

By the way B2, your truck is SWEEEEEEEEEEET!

Thanks :) I ended up selling her. But am working on a crazy little Bronco 2..

Thx for the GREAT 411Kirby :thumbsup:, so from what I under stood you only need to do one side right.

Well today I pulled out the hp d44 from the backyard to get all the caked on grease/dirt off with the presure cleaner and discovered something that I was hoping I didn't have, "casted wedges". Beside's not being able to remove them to go with leaf springs, are there any other disadvantages of using this axel?

Yeah, you only do the side with out the driveshaft (passenger in this case). You want to keep the driveline angles correct on that side- steeper pinion when it is drooped and shallower when it is stuffed. Like I said, extended arms work well too. If you are using those extensions it is not really worth wristing them also. I would do one or the other.

Cast wedges. You will have to deal with it if that is what you got. I was patient and found one with weld ons because they also have 1/2" thick tubes. They are a pain to find though, and you already got that one! :cool:

Well, with that said I'm going for it. I'm ordering parts right now:D

So far I have recieved BC 6.5 springs, 7* C bushings and 10* RA bushings. Still waiting on the Stone Crusher extensions and some other goodies.

GOT 40's;)



Still waiting on gears etc. Should be in soon so I can get this thing together.:D

sick. cant wait to see this finished.

Well I got some parts in and started cleaning up the frame to mock up where everything is goning to go. But duty called and had to go to the J-O-B.

Radius arm extension and 6.5" lift coils

Gears, bushing, bearing and lots of goodies.

Quicky mock up.


Wasn't able to do much this week since I've been working alot of OT to pay for the goodies. Next week should be good.:salute:

Well progress has been slow. I finally got my wheels back from the powder coater. Today I mounted the tires and I used dynamic beads to balance them. I have never used them before but from what I have heard from those that have, they should work well. The rear is set up so I will start working on the front soon. Enjoy the pic's.








How much lift are you netting? I have some 38 TSLs i wanna throw on my explorer... with little lift and modified fenders

So far the rear has 4" leafs, 4" blocks and 1.5" warrior shackles. If you have a 2dr sport you can get away with allot of fender mods.


is there any other way to subscribe to threads without posting?

is there any other way to subscribe to threads without posting?

Yes, at the top of the page there is a link "Thread tools"
CLick that and select "Subscribe to this thread" :thumbsup:

Im signing on too to keep track of this.. .great work!

Thanks! I know most of you guys and gals are into the rock crawling but here in S. Florida the only crawling we do is when where getting out of a mud hole:D. So its "Go BIG or GO HOME" when it comes to your rig. I am trying to stay as low as possible for safety reasons, but it's not easy running 40's.

Is there a rule of thumb on setting up the RA's Coil buckets and track bar? For examaple, I want to move the front axle up a few inches(Whats the max to have room for the S box), Whats the best way to space out the C buckets and how much when running full width, Weld everything on or bolt it up, etc.

I've seen allot of coil sprung builds but there's not a whole lot of details when it comes to the set up. I have mechanical experience but when it come to front axle set-ups like this it's tough, This is a 1s/t for me and I would like to get it RIGHT. Any suggestions/tips would help:salute: THANKS!

Ive got mine 3" forward, this is about max without moving the steering box. Since you are second gen. and have to swap a box on, i would say there are no limits (relatively speaking).

For the coil towers- tack them on really good first until you know you've got the ride height set then burn them in. You may need to take them back off and move them around a bit to get it perfect.

Make sure the track-bar and draglink are running along the same angle, and if possible make them both the same length. Or, as close to the same length as you can get them.

Well, Its been a while,but I got a little work done on the front end. Everthing seems to be lining up better than I thought. Hopefully I can get some more done this week. Wish me LUCK!



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OH MY HOLY CRAP! this thing is going to be a BEAST!