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1st timer help build my monster


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May 22, 2013
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Hello all, well I finally got my hands on my dream truck.1999 explorer 5.0 awd eddie bauer.

I am looking to spend alot of dollars turning this machine into an suv sleeper.

Ive reviewed alot of threads on here to determine what works, and was hoping to put it all in one basket so to speak.my goal is to acheive approx 400 horsepower without sacrificeing daily driveability...will the awd transfer case handle that kind of power? exhaust recomendations? throttle body swap?

So Im asking you folks how can I make this happen? would a 347 stroker or ford racing crate motor come out cheaper in the long run?


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June 30, 2011
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duluth minnesnowta
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00 xlt 5. v8 awd
If you actually reviewed a lot of threads you would have a decent start here... The awd transfer case will rob you of lots of power.. Look up bw 4406 swap.. Gives you 2wd 4 lo and 4 hi. Get torque monster headers there is a big thread on that now act quick on those there is a group buy that is just finishing up cut out cats and do a custom exhaust like dual 2.5 inch into either one or two high flow mufflers if younhave room for two then like 3 inch out . Mac cold air intake performance programmer from James at Henson performance these 5.0 are really great for reliability but no so much for making power...