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1st week feedback on 2006 Explorer


Explorin' the Desert SW
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May 3, 2005
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2016 Explorer LTD (FWD)
OK as most of you know I got my X last week and now have had it for 2 weekends and 700+ miles.

1st off... I LOVE IT!!
The ride (smooth but firm, not floaty luxo barge), the V8 power, (mileage is better than expected for brand new break-in), space (wow lots of cargo space!), comfort (seats are great and seat heaters!), stereo (full range and a nice bump-bump)....
Easy to drive and park (reverse sensor is very handy)
Steering wheel controls AWESOME!!

Needs attention...
Tailgate rattle at slower speeds (to be completed)
Over sensitive passenger seat belt (to be completed)

Wish was designed a little different..
"angle" or bend of turn/wiper stalk (too much bend and too high, but getting used to it).
Wish the center storage console was a little larger (was in the Escape)
Garage door opener storage in overhead (with a sunroof, not an option... was in the Escape..)
Why since the shifter was moved to center console, could the wiper stalk NOT be moved to the right side of steering wheel?

More to come soon along with new pics!!

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