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2 1/2" drop on my X, questions


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April 10, 2006
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98 Explorer Eddie Bauer
ive been searching around for a while and want about a 2 1/2in drop, will i have to do a torsion flip or can i just do a twist? what parts do i need to complete this project i was thinking just find a 2 1/2" lowering block kit and then doing the torsion twist in the front to 2 1/2 inches.. possible? i dont know exactly how to do a torsion twist though? will i be alright on my stock suspension?

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you could search and answer all these questions but the torsion twist is just removing the bolt that puts pressure on the torsion keys most people get about 2 inches from removeing it completely, and the rear is fine with 2 in. blocks or whatever you gonna use, and your suspension will be fine

ok well heres the deal.. im going to put 2inch blocks in the back.. how much can i get outta my front... right now my rear sits about an inch lower then the front, so ill have to try to get around 3inches outta the front...if i torsion twist can i get about 3in outta it er what?

typically not but every truck is different, but it takes about 5 minutes to take the bolts out and see how much it lowers it.

ok so for the front i really dont need to take the wheels off? just the back is where i should really take off the wheels

I'd like to know also. I was messing with the torsion bar today, but I was afraid to take it out

as far as I know if you lift or drop your truck with the torsion method, you will definately need to get a front end alignement.

A couple questions about lowering.

Does removing the bolts from the T-bars effect ride or handling?

I was looking at the spring mounting on my 96( the one that's going down) From the rear it seems like 2" blocks will put the axle close to the frame. Anyone had problems with bottoming out (axle to frame) on 2" blocks?


yes the handling will be improved, the ride quailty can suffer some, it could bottom out, i would get some shorter bump stops for the rear and you should be good to go