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2.3 EcoBoost PTU fluid change result.


April 7, 2019
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Boardman, OH
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16 Explorer 2.3 4wd
Not so long ago I posted my front right passenger Axle seal is leaking. The car has 76k miles on it so I wanted to change the PTU fluid asap. I bought the car a few months ago with 72k miles. Since there was a leak I wanted to know how much has leaked out.

To my surprise I drained 22oz out it was dark definitely burned but not a sludge like pictures I have been seeing. It flowed out well. And my PTU had the fill and drain plug. With the 2.3 there is tons of room. I will be doing this service every other engine oil change. I bought a cheap hand pump to pump the fluid back in. I can do the complete job in 15 minutes. Also on the drain plug there was metal but nothing major.

Now my next job is to drain out 5 quarts of transmission fluid and start putting fresh fluid in. I plan on keeping this car for awhile.

FYI I used valvaline 75w140 snythetic.

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That looks 10x easier than the 3.5EB PTU?

Is the fluid capacity on the 2.3 ptu different from the 3.5 ptu?

For at least model year 2017 Explorers the 2.3 EB holds the same as the 3.5 NA and 3.5 EB, 23.7 oz. of 75W-140 gear oil. My 2.3 has a drain plug underneath so it's easy to drain and the refill is easy to access. I'm not sure if the newer 3.5 have a drain plug. I know the refill procedure is more difficult on the 3.5 because of the dual exhaust pipes right there. Plus these heat up the fluid. The 2.3 is not subject to the same high heat from the exhaust so hopefully the fluid will last longer on a 2.3.


The earlier 3,5 did hold less fluid ~13-18 oz I believe.


I made a video of the fluid change if anyone is interested in what the fluid looked like after 76k miles.
Here is the link.

Korax234, I found your comment interesting about the oil leak from the 2.3 EB timing cover. We just had that repaired 2 weeks ago for our 2017 with ~39,000. I thought the factory used RTV as a sealant but the dealer used a actual gasket instead of RTV.


The timing cover job looks like a PITA so I'm just going to see if it ever starts to leak worse. There are no drops on the ground so no worries right now. But I'm glad I got the 2.3 because a lot of things are easier to work on.

And it did take close to 24oz to fill up.