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2-3 flare, what to do now?


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April 23, 2007
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So it seems the somewhat newly purchased 2000 4.0 Ex has the infamous '2-3 flare'. From what I've read here and elsewhere, the only real fix to this is a tranny overhaul for broken intermediate bands. There is talk of shifting solenoids and ABS sensors and all sorts of wishful thinking but I've yet to come across a situation that has been fixed by anything less than a rebuild.

I assume most people are familiar with the 'flare', high revving between 2nd and 3rd, O/D light flashing and so on.

So, I pose two questions:

Are there any survivor tales that work for significant time without rebuilding? And can the Ex be traded in in this condition, what are the ins and outs of this option?

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Very interesing. I'm fairly amateur at this (ok, I have no idea about the technicals) so can we dumb this down for me a touch?

Are we saying that replacing the valve body can fix this problem? How much long term success has this found and what can I expect for a reasonable quote?

Try rebuilding the valve body first. A new valve body might be another option, but will cost more. Not all rebuilt valve bodies come with new solenoids, shift improvement kits, or Sonnax add on fixes.