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2.3L Intake

September 25, 2003
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City, State
Auburn Hills(A-Hillz), Michigan
Year, Model & Trim Level
1995 XLT Ranger
Hey its prolly a waste of your space for me to be asking about the 2.3l 95 ranger in here but its worth a try and maybe someone could push me in the right direction to a forum that has more about them. I am trying to suck a couple more MPG out of my 2.3L thought making a homebrew intake might help a little. The only thing i dont like about the idea is there is a goofy canister type deal in between my filter and TB. I have no clue what it is (no sensors or anything on it). After my last exam tommrowo i prolly take it all off and figure it out but just wondering if anyone has some info. Also looking for info on the auto in that thing, mines slaming into gear and into 3rd