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2.5 or 4 inches


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December 26, 2001
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El Segundo CA
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93 ranger
hi i am new to this site and so far it has been very helpful to me i was wondering if a lift for a ranger has the same bracketry as the x

also i am looking to go with full fiberglass and 32's on a
'93 explorer sport 2wd i want to make it a capable
pre-runner and i was wondering if i should go with a 2.5 inch kit or a 4 inch kit i was leaning toward 4

tell me what you think thanks

Welcome to the site. First off, there is a lift for your X, but if you want to make a capable pre-runner, you're going to want to get some custom work done anyway. Widen the front and rear at lest 3" per side. Then run coil-overs all around. Figure out a good suspension for the rear. Also, If I were you, I would get bigger tires than 32s for when you're hauling ass and hit big holes or bumps. The bigger the tire, the smoother the ride when blazing through the desert.

Also, with full glass your 32s will look like low-rider tires. I've got a 4" lift with full glass and run 35s on my X. My tires even look a little small with the glass on there.

So to answer your question I would go with a 4" lift. Good luck.:)

I'm with fenderguy on this one, i would go the 4" and get the glass fenders and run a 35" tire, look around for a pic of his truck, or better yet, fender post a pic for him.

I would post a couple pics but since photopoint is down, I don't have any I can post. As soon as I become an Elite which is very soon. I will be able to post from my hardrive, and then you're all in trouble:rolleyes:

Come out to Truck HAven and you can see my truck in person. That will come faster tahn photopoint getting back up if ever.

Anyway, until then...