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2.5" or 4"


November 16, 1999
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94 XLT
I was curious if anyone could tell me something about the difference in wear on driveline, steering, etc parts between the 2.5" Jim Dunn lift and a 4" lift by skyjacker or the sorts? Do both kits provide enough dropped replacemment parts to make this a negligable problem, or does one create worse angles? My exp. is a 94 xlt. I want it to be more rugged than huge and would like to be able to fit 32x10.50 or 32x11.50's. Any advice hear is appreciated. thnx

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I had trouble fitting 32x11.50's under my 4" lift. New wheels just barely solved the problem. I think the rule of thumb is 31's under the 2.5" lift.


Well it depends, I think it is very dependent on your setup. Trace ran 32x11.5 Muds on his 2.5" James Duff lift, I belive he only rubbed on the front shock when turning (dual shocks). Paul Sabin ran 31's on his but I am sure he could have fit some 32's under it. I think its all a matter of the right wheel spacing and if you are willing to have a little rubbing. There have been people who were able to run 33's under the 4" lift. I personally have the 5.5" lift with 33's and still have rubbing on the front anti-sway bar when it is connected. I would think that with the 2.5" you could get away with 32's if you really didn't mind a little rubbing.

Ryan Penner
1992 Explorer Sport

I have a '94 sport with the 2.5" Duff lift and a 3" body lift. With the Duff lift installed first I could only run 31's, after the body lift I installed 32x11.5x15, I probably could have gone with 33's but I like a little extra wheel well clearence.

I have a PP 1" lift and am running 31x10.50 BFG A/Ts on my Navajo with room to spare...

I run the J.D. 2.5" lift with 32x11.5 BFG muds. There was no rub until after the dual shock was installed. I think new wheels with a 3.75"or less backspace would help a bunch.I have a 4" backspace now. Hope this helps.


There's much more to it than lift height. Even with a 4" lift you could have extended radius arms of varying shape, or just drop downs.The sway bar could have drop down brackets or just extended end links. These will all make a difference on where your tires will rub.
My tires hit both on my sway bar and extended radius arms until I got wheels with 3/4" less backspace.
I can't deal with ANY rubbing.

J.B. Earl

In reference to driveline and steering, My 4" superrunner kit hasn't caused any vibration or steering shimmy. I'm really pretty happy with it