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2 Amp Install


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January 30, 2009
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2000 XLT 4x4 4.0L SOHC
I got a question for everyone. I have 2 AMPs and 3 subs. How to I go about wiring this config up. I was thinking run the remote, ground, and power to both amps. Have one RCA going to amp one and have the other going to amp 2. Wire the subs in series and hook postive up to amp A and the neg up to amp B? Is this right?

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No, use only 1 amp if you can configure the subs to a load that the amp can handle, then use the other to power the front speakers provided that it's not mono

^^^ agreed with..

What is the impedience of your subs? (what ohms are they), brand, model?
same thing with the amps. brands, models.??

if you could strap those amps together then it may be ok to run them on those subs, as long as you dont overpower them too much. you'll still get an odd ohm load. if they cant be strapped, i dont recommend it

So you cant wire 3 subs with 2 amps that kinda of sucks. Maybe Ill just run two subs and use an amp for each.

Post the specs of your amps and subs, then someone here can give you the best option on how to wire them

The subs are Kicker L5s. They are 4 ohms 750Watt RMS 1500 Peak. Here are the AMPs
RMS Power Range : 550-1100 Watts * Number Of Channels: 1 * Maximum Power: 1600 Watts * Built In Crossovers * Channel Separation * RMS Power @ 4-Ohm: 550 W x 1 * RMS Power @ 2-Ohm: 1100 W x 1 * RMS Power @ 1-Ohm: 1600 W x 1 * 1-Ohm stable * Super D class amplifier topography * Ultra-Fi MOSFET outputs * Illuminated Hifonics logo *

kinda off topic, but what is remote wire for?what does it do?where in the HU is it connected on to?

remote is what flips the little relay in the amp to allow the power wire to connect and power the amp on. without it the amp will not turn on

OOOOOOooo lol..okay thanks...i though it had something with a remote :p

I have a simaler setup but bigger lol, 2 15" L7s and a Hifonics amp....I love those amps!