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2" Coil Spring suggestions


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March 15, 2008
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exploderoder left me a message on cardomain, which i appreciate, never really thought of the coil spacers tearing up, anyone have any suggestions on 2" Coil Springs? He said skyjacker, but only 2" skyjackers i can find says not for 4.0

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I personally like using ford f-150 lower spring seats. They are solid metal and are normally used as the lower spring seat on the f-150 so you know they will last forever.


They do just under 2" and I have never seen someone who installed them have issues with alignment, unlike people who replace springs or use true 2" spacers. New springs may give more than 2" depending on how far your old springs have sagged. 2" spacer are the same thing except they are taller.

2" springs are roughly 2" above stock springs and they might give you enough lift they they can't get the camber back to spec..

As for where to find them, people sell them on here (many people start with a set of those) and the dealer has them. Fastpartsnetwork (a vendor here) can get them.. They were pretty cheap when I got them years ago.. (I'm talking < $50 for the pair).

There is a thread here about buying/installling/using them which includes part #'s.. I haven't had enough coffee yet to find it.


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