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2 inch rear lift


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August 16, 2004
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Portland, OR
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'96 XLT
I'm helping my friend modify is 96 xlt. He doesn't want to go to high, just high enough to not scrape on pebbles. I've heard some thing about being able to lift the front by torquing down on the torsion bars. I only want to do about 2 inches in the front because of the IFS but I'm thinking about doing 2.5 inches in the rear. What is the best way to do this? Longer shackles? Add-a-leaf? What do you think? I'm trying to do this as cheaply as possible and I'm also trying to fit 32 or 33x10.5 inch tires.

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longer shackles and add a leafs, that will get you more than enough lift in the back.... as far as not scrapping, the only way to raise the vehicles ground clearance is larger tires.....

if that is not enough for you look into dody lifts....with a 3inch BL TT and shackels most people can get a 33x12.50 with no trimming.......btw search around a bit....

For 33, Bl will will be needed, and depending on the tire, more then likely, trimming. I h www.putfile.com/explrths

^^ well there is the 1in a thousand that actually can get a 33 on with shackels and a TT and no trimming...i swear i have seen pics of it(33x12.50 non the less) but almost all need a 3in BL to get on 33's but some such as mynameisaric got 33's on with a 2in bl.....but be prepared to trim....

Does any company make an add-a-leaf kit for the explorer or would you have to use a different one?

a ranger AAL works fine

orr you use the pro comp aal that is made for the explorer.....it is on summit racing

Not saying you Have to trim, I did. I trimmed the trim pieces. it came out pretty good, until I hit the first mud hole. Anyways, i reco the shackles before the AAL. I tried the AAL on the X and the ranger. It really messed with the ride quality.

Umm... Don't mean to sound like newb, but what does aal stand for? Also, wouldn't I nead to regear the diffs with 33s? If so, how do you regear the front with the IFS? Is it the same 8.8 inch style diff as the rear?

AAL = Add-A-Leaf ;)
and no, you don't HAVE to regear. But just changing the tires over, you will notice a loss of power, and you're speedo will be off. You can fix the speedo by changing the speedo gear in the t-case (depending on what year). Or, you can fix the power and speedo issue by regearing.
Regearing the front is similar, but you pull the whole 3rd member out

Do you know of any companies that make gears for the front? And what do you call that of diff (the front)? Also, what is the third member?

Any company should have them, just call, let them know what you have.