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2"Lift: Tire size

Alex R

October 12, 2001
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Colorado Springs, CO
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1994 Sport
I just finished my 2 inch lift (daystar spacers in the front and shackle lift in the rear). This week my new gears and differentials are being installed (gears are changing from 3.08 to 4.10, dana trackloc front, quicklock rear).

I know that I can fit 31" tires with the lift. Does anyone think that I can fit 32" or 265/75-16?

Your probably stuck to 31's unless you trim a lot.

You might be able to fit 32's, but they will rub alot. I run 31's on my '92 with the spacers and shackles and they rub the sway bars at full lock, as well as the inner fenderwells at full stuff.

BigDerk is running 265/75-16s with a spacer and shackle lift on stock offset wheels (off a new ranger) and doesn't have any rub with everyday driving. If you did have rub it would be at full turn, probably on the rear of the fenderwell, but that can be trimmed with a knife.