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2" PA Body LIft


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November 29, 2000
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06 Toyota
I got my 2" lift done this morning :bounce: and everything went rather smooth, smoother than i though it would go. The only things i ran into was getting the front passenger body mount bolt out :hammer: . I tore up the bushing pretty bad and had to get another one(dealerships didn't have them in stock so i pulle done from a junk yard) the lift blocks went in smooth. The other problem was with the PA#883-1,4 bumper brackets :confused: , they fit in the mounts and behind the bumper perfect, but made the front bumper angle downward in the rear. It took several tries bending hte brackets and putting in washers. if you look close you could tell it isn't perfect but it looks good. I haven't done the rear bumper yet, i think i am gonna wait till next week end to do it. All in all everything went pretty darn smooth. I was only able to lower my fan shroud down 1" due to the upper radiator hose. The fan doesn't hit the shroud and the engine still runs cool. Other thank that i don't think there was anything else i had problems with. Well i just wanted to let you guy's know, i should have pictures up by monday or tuesday! Later peeps

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Can you send me a pic??? I'm trying to decide between the 2" and 3". SSIKORA@ufpt.com

A few questions....Do you wish you had went with the 3"??? Another thing.....do you have any specifics on what I should do to any brackets or anything like that before I start?? Thanks for the pics.

Yes, i should've gone 3", i am going to be taking off the 2" here shortly to replace it with the 3". you might as well go with the 3" BL.

as far as any oof the brackets go, make sure you follow the directions in the kit, since you have a '95 you wanna order the kit for the 95-97 ranger(3" #853) and you could either make your own bumper brackets or call Performance acessories and tell them you need bumper brackets for a 98 ranger. 2001expsport did an excellent write up on the 3" BL and i went by it to put in my 2" it is very good and i read it a few times before i did the Body lift. the BL only took me like 5 hours, it was the bumpers that were a pita!