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2 questions. Shocks n rotors.


April 7, 2010
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94 xlt
Got a set of hd gabriel shocks from the zone 2 years ago. Ride was great for a few months then the downslide started. Now it feels like they are gone. Do shocks not last on the x or did i get a bad set? Put a new set of o/e style rotors on same time. Developed light shake last year and now i can scramble eggs comming off a exit ramp. Again something i need to check or bad set. Max 10k miles total in these 2 years.

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Shocks: Bilsteins, hands down, lifetime guarantee.

Rotors: PowerStop/PowerSlot/BrakePerformance
In other words, not what you can buy at AZ or other parts houses.:thumbsup:

Monroe/Gabriel shocks don't usually last as long as higher-end brands, but are usually pretty soft like OEM anyway. Bilsteins are great, but they do have a very firm sports-car like ride, and coupled with higher pressure LT tires they can be harsher than most people like. You could look into Monroe Reflex or something, or other brands like KYB, their Monomax truck shocks and Gas-a-Just monotubes are pretty good, but just about as much as Bilsteins. I would say get their value GR-2 shocks instead of Monroes/Gabriels if you wanted good stuff for less money.

Low end rotors can warp pretty easily, but first check other things, be sure the pads are still good, and the calipers are in top shape, with the pistons tight,slide pins greased, ABS sensors working, fresh or decently clean fluid, and smooth rotors. You also should check the rear drums, sometimes rotors warp because the rears are either not adjusted, or beyond in need of replacement, which puts all the braking duty on the front discs, which they are not designed to handle.

If the rotors are indeed warped, you can either spend more and get rotors with a lifetime warranty (same rotors as the 1-year warranty, just with a lifetime warranty so they cost twice as much, which covers the cost of replacing them once) or try something higher end like Powerslots. The best price/performance might be from aftermarket "premium" rotors from name brands like Raybestos, Bendix, etc.

On the rotors, I have an 04 and the vehicle does not have the brake capacity, and replaced two sets before I got wise and bought a high performance set. Those lasted a lot longer, but now are starting to warp. One they start they don't stop and only get worse.

Wondering if I wasted my money with buying Motorcraft shocks from Rock Auto for my Explorer. Anything is better than what I am riding on now.

The $10 Motorcrafts aren't a bad deal, but I don't think they're made to last very long if they're the same thing that comes on the vehicle originally. They may be fine for some people, but considering how much shocks help prevent body roll, and how well known SUVs and Explorers in particular are known for body roll, getting some really, really good shocks makes a LOT of sense.

That goes double for brakes - definitely a system you don't want to skimp on.