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2 questions


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March 4, 2010
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Guys, I my truck came out from a shop were they replaced the rear bumper and tried to paint the side clades but the clips they used, they basically fall off all of them. I need good quality Clips, does anyone have or know a site were I can get them. I dont trust shops here were they install and do painting jobs lately.

The other questions is I have the body bushings worn out and we all know wish ones exacly.

Wish ones do you suggest:


or should I contact that guy mentioned a while ago Bob Utter? I notice MOG have some replacement to. The bad thing about this is that they always comes in a kit and not the separates...

thanks for inputs!:roll:

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if one body bushing is failing then i recommend replacing them all. daystar is a good one they are polyureathane replacements vs. the stock rubber style. as for the side clips i recommend factory ford replacements as the top clips are unlike any type i have seen in any auto store. as for the bottom of the side cladding you can use standard push button style clips or nut and bolts like i did to mine.

Those portane are considerable less expensive. than Daystar. Are you using them @swshawaii?

No, but I've used their sway bar and end link bushings with great results. Keep in mind
you must reuse ALL the original metal hardware with either bushing kit. Factory bolts are
installed with an excessive amount of blue thread lock. Heat from the bottom to soften.

Energy Suspension, Prothane, and Daystar all make excellent polyurethane products IMO.