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2 WD ABS vs. 4 WD ABS? Conversion to/from 4WD to 2WD


June 20, 2016
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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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Winnipeg, Manitoba
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2004 Explorer Sport Trac
Does anyone know....who has successfully completed a 4WD to 2WD conversion...or vice versa ...whether the ABS controller knows the difference?

I have installed 2WD spindles, hub/rotor, from a 2001 ST into a 2004 ST 4x4. Dropped out the diff, prop shaft, obviously axle shafts.

My question is this.....

The ABS sensor for the 4x4 setup monitors the ABS ring inside of the wheel bearing/hub assembly and compares it to the sensor inside of the rear diff ring gear (I think) but don't know for sure) . This would be on a revolutions per rotation cycle or on a revolutions per second basis or something like that.

The 2WD rotor/hub has a ring on the inside which has many, many more spaces per revolution to be monitored...quite probably because a 2WD only has a 2WD ABS control system?

So....if I put on a 2WD rotor which monitors and controls (perhaps?) a 2WD ABS and plug it into a 4WD controller....will this work?

I am driving it right now without the ABS sensors attached to the control system....obviously the ABS light comes on in the instrument cluster....can I have ABS again by connecting the sensor wires or just drive without ABS?

Thanks for any replies in advance.