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20” rims and Rancho quick lift.


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November 27, 2017
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Westland, Michigan
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2003 xls 4x4
what size tires can I run and I want the rims to stick out more what offset can/should I get? Also if you already have this please post pictures!

I have 32" (265/75/16) tires with the quicklifts, but I have stock wheels so they don't stick out. IMO tires that stick out look ridiculous and in most places you need fender flares to cover at least 50% of the tire.

The offset on your factory rims is 44mm. As you reduce the offset the tire moves outward. My -6mm offset rims moved the tires outward 50mm, or about 2”. I did this to clear the spindles due to wider tires and rims. This leaves me with about 1-1/2” to 2” of tire outside of the fender at the very top of the tire.

As far as max tire size, every truck is different. I have 5” of lift (3” body + 2” strut spacer) with 32” x 10.50” tires (265/75/16) on 16” x 8” rims and when on the trails I will rub the fender liners ever so slightly when extremely flexed with the wheels turned. I never rub body or frame/suspension.

With stock rims you should be able to easily fit 32” x 10.50” tires with the Quick Lift struts. Any tire wider than 10.50” (or a rim wider than factory 7”) and you will most likely rub against the spindle.

Now if you want the tires to stick out, and go with a reduced wheel offset like I did, you might rub against the fenders using only the Quick Lifts. Staying with the stock rim offset & width the tire stays inside the wheel well and easily clears the fender lip. Moving the tire outward puts the tire under the fender lip and outside of the wheel well, where it can rub metal, requiring more lift to clear.

I hope this info helps.